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Our Companies

The story of International Gas & Services (IG&S) started over twenty years ago when Gabriel “Gaby” Symoens and Johan Coesemans began to trade special gases and related equipment. Today Sylvia and Koen Symoens continued their father’s job and turned the company into a reliable partner for the supply of a large variety of gases, accessories and services worldwide.

In response to a growing demand, a changing economic climate and the need for diversification, the IG&S management decided in 1995 to extend their range of services with the periodical inspection and maintenance of gas receptacles. CYMACO, an acronym for Cylinder Maintenance Company was born! From that moment on we are able to provide gas companies with a complete package: selling gases that meet the highest quality standards and providing state-of-the-art cylinder retesting and maintenance services, i.e. just one contact for all your need for gases, gas cylinders and accessories.

The synergy between IG&S and CYMACO has brought about the establishment of Cymaco Nederland (Geleen - NL) in 2008. Here, we specialized in the periodical inspection and maintenance of acetylene cylinders and bundles, always according to the most stringent safety standards and by using the best available technology. Today, Cymaco Nederland, within easy distance of the acetylene filling plant, is a well-respected partner to the industrial gas industry.

We have built two new storage facilities (Cymaco - 2019 and Cymaco Nederland - 2020) to safeguard our customer’s provided materials in a controlled and safe way. The Cymaco warehouse also accommodates our new gas bundle maintenance workshop. We are therefore proud to introduce our own gas bundle make since 2021.

In 2022 we have broaden our portfolio with the treatment of waste gas. Now we are a real “one stop shop” and can manage the entire trajectory from recycling residual gases over the periodical inspection and maintenance to the filling of gas receptacles. Our services are driven by an excellent service and the highest quality standards, not in the least thanks to our highly skilled workforce and respect for people and environment.