Our Companies

The story of International Gas & Services started over twenty years ago when Gabriel Symoens and Johan Coesemans founded the company for the trade of several special gases and quickly grew to become a successful enterprise, presently distributing a wide variety of gases and gas-related services to customers world-wide.

In 1995, in response to growing demand and a changing economic climate, IG&S decided to expand its services to include testing and maintenance of cylinders in which their gases were transported.

By founding the company CYMACO, an acronym for Cylinder Maintenance Company, they were able to provide gas companies with a complete package: selling specialized gases that meet the highest quality standards and providing state-of-the-art retesting and maintenance services in accordance with all applicable regulations and (international) standards.

Since then, the synergy between IG&S and CYMACO has brought about the acquisition of two more branches, one in Belgium (Niel, Antwerp - 2006) for retesting cylinders for medical and specialty gases and another one in the Netherlands (Geleen - 2008) for the inspection and maintenance of acetylene cylinders and bundles. Both companies form a well-respected addition to the electronic, medical, and industrial gas industry and continue to develop their expertise.

Our core business values are driven by excelling in customer service and exceeding customer expectation through state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled and competent workforce. We lead our business with high integrity, respect for the environment and the safety of our employees!

Cymaco nv & Int. Gas & Services nv
Bedrijvenpark De Veert 16
2830 Willebroek Belgium
Phone: +32 3 860 95 60

Cymaco Nederland
PO Box 140 - 6170 AC Stein - The Netherlands
Kerenshofweg 101, Gate 5 - Routepunt 520 - 6167 AE Geleen
Phone +31 46 702 2370