The new Cymaco Transportable Cylinder Bundle

Starting from our long experience in assembling and maintaining numerous types of transportable cylinder bundles, we have used our skills to develop a Cymaco cylinder bundle. We want to offer a product that is straightforward, easy to handle and with a lower life cycle cost.
In a first stage, we present our bundle for compressed and liquefied gas with a working pressure up to 300 bar, containing 12 or 16 cylinders. The frame design is such that the cylinder connections, the manifold, manometer and the outlet valve are well protected. Lifting eyes are integrated and the bundle can be manipulated in four ways. To guarantee a good resistance against environmental influences, the steel frame is galvanized. The manifold is made out of cupronickel and brass, and is compatible with oxygen and most compressed and liquefied gases*.

  Type Approval Certificate N° 20/BE/4686   Type Approval Certificate N° 20/BE/4674


For any additional information or pricing, please feel free to contact us anytime.

The Cymaco Team.


*Gas shall be compatible according to Special Packaging Provision P200 of ADR, latest edition.


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